Philippines: two dead, hundreds homeless after torrential rains

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At least two people have been killed and hundreds forced to leave their homes by torrential rains that caused flooding and landslides in the Philippines, authorities said on Saturday.

Huge waves crashed into a coastal village on Lapu-Lapu Island in central Cebu province on Friday evening, destroying dozens of homes and leaving some 290 homeless, Mayor Junard Chan announced on Facebook .

Police found the bodies of two elderly women killed in a landslide near Mahaplag in neighboring Leyte province, policewoman Racquel Hernandez told AFP.

An injured boy was pulled from the rubble of his home and is being treated, she added.

Nearly 1,500 people had to leave their homes on southern Mindanao island as floodwaters engulfed 13 villages, the National Disaster Management Council said.

The Philippines is hit by around 20 storms and typhoons each year that destroy crops, homes and infrastructure in already impoverished areas.

A succession of typhoons have hit the country in recent months, claiming the lives of 148 people, destroying hundreds of thousands of homes, and leaving entire swathes of the country without electricity.

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