Petersburgers discharged from hospital will be vaccinated against coronavirus

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From April 30, 2021, a vaccination pilot project will be implemented at Hospital No. 33 in Kolpino. All people discharged from the hospital, if they have no contraindications to vaccination, will be offered to be vaccinated against coronavirus.

If the experience is successful, it will be extended to other therapeutic hospitals in St. Petersburg.

Meanwhile, there are some doubts that discharged patients can be vaccinated. After all, as he said in an interview with RIA Novosti chief freelance specialist-otorhinolaryngologist of the Moscow Department of Health, Director of NIKIO otorhinolaryngology named after L.I. Sverzhevsky Andrey Kryukov, after recovery, time must pass.

In the instructions for the use of the vaccine “Gam-COVID-Vac” (“Sputnik V” – ed.), Among the contraindications for vaccination, acute infectious and non-infectious diseases, exacerbation of chronic diseases are noted. In such cases, vaccination is possible no earlier than 2-4 weeks after recovery or remission “, – quoted edition Andrey Kryukov.