Peskov pointed to foreign participation in the conspiracy in Belarus

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The press secretary of the Russian President Dmitry Peskov said that the scale of the anti-government conspiracy in Belarus, including the planning of the assassination attempt on the head of the republic, Alexander Lukashenko and his family, indicates the involvement of another state in this.

Without help from abroad, such a coup could not have been planned, the Kremlin spokesman expressed confidence on Thursday, April 29, in the Big Game program on Channel One.

“As you can imagine, a group of immigrants in America cannot talk about cyber actions aimed at blocking the country’s energy system,” he said. – Without the help or without the instruction of “State X” such actions are impossible and even impossible to plan. This is an indisputable fact that we can operate on. “

Whether US President Joe Biden knew about the impending assassination attempt and whether he was involved in it is unknown, since, according to Peskov, who answered the relevant question, “there are no exact indications, and they can hardly be.” At the same time, the press secretary of the Russian leader noted that the Kremlin has a clear understanding of the level of American involvement in the situation in Belarus.

Peskov also stressed that the Russian-Belarusian cooperation is free from opportunistic events and meets the interests of both countries.

“This cooperation, which is progressing as usual, this cooperation that covers all possible spheres of life of the two countries, which meets the interests of the peoples of the two countries, which has such an important aspect as deep integration within the Union State,” said Peskov.

According to him, the relevant projects continue to be discussed at the highest levels, including by the heads of state and governments of the countries. Peskov stressed that this process will continue. There is good and positive potential here, the Kremlin spokesman emphasized.

On April 17, the Belarusian president spoke about the arrest of a group that was preparing an attempt on the life of Lukashenka and his family.

He blamed the American intelligence services and the US leadership. According to the Belarusian investigation, the attempt to prepare a coup was financed from abroad, the conspirators maintained close ties with terrorist groups.

According to intelligence agencies, the conspirators considered several coup scenarios, including the murder of Lukashenka on May 9, as well as an attack on the motorcade and residence. At the same time, $ 10 million was allocated for the destruction of the residence together with the president himself, and another $ 1 million for the sniper. In addition, the detainees also expected to block Minsk with the help of the army.

Charges of attempted coup d’etat were brought against four defendants. Two were detained by FSB officers in Moscow – we are talking about lawyer Yuri Zenkovich, who has citizenship of the United States and Belarus, and political scientist Alexander Feduta. Another person involved in the case was the leader of the opposition party BPF Grigory Kastusev. The name of the fourth detainee in the KGB case has not yet been disclosed.

On April 28, the defendants confessed to organizing the crime and told the details of their plan. So, for example, Zenkovich confessed that in preparation for the coup, three tasks were solved: “neutralizing the country’s leadership directly, arrest, for example, internment or physical elimination”, blocking units that could resist, and “occupying symbolic objects of the city.”

He pleaded guilty to “was, in fact, used as a technical organizer.”