Permanent Representative of the Russian Federation assessed the decision of the OPCW to suspend the rights of Syria

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Permanent Representative of the Russian Federation to the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) Alexander Shulgin said that the previously adopted resolution on limiting the rights and privileges of Syria in the organization suggests that the structure has turned into a political instrument.

“Today is a rainy day in the history of the OPCW. It is very unfortunate that the organization has evolved from a technical body to a political instrument that holds a tribunal for the participating State. This time over Syria, ”he said during a speech at the Conference of the States Parties on Tuesday 20 April.

At the same time, Shulgin stressed that “sooner or later the truth about the events in Syria will come out.”

“And then for what has happened today within the walls of the OPCW will be ashamed not only to us and the countries that voted against this decision, but also to many of those who supported it,” he concluded.

Earlier that day, it became known that the OPCW adopted a resolution according to which Syria will not have the right to vote at the conferences of the participating States and in the executive council of the organization, as well as be elected to its composition. In addition, a number of other restrictions were also introduced against the republic. The reason is the alleged use of chemical weapons by Damascus.

On April 20, Shulgin said that the accusations against Syria of the use of chemical weapons put forward by a number of countries in the organization are far-fetched, and the United States and its allies are trying to pursue their own selfish goals.

Russia called on all delegations to the UN Security Council and the OPCW not to support the initiative to deprive Syria of a number of rights in the organization.

On April 4, Polyansky also announced that the United States and its allies want to use the OPCW as a tool for realizing their own geopolitical interests.

On April 8, 2020, the OPCW published a report on the investigation of chemical attacks in Syria in 2017. According to the findings of the investigation team, the Syrian Air Force carried out airstrikes in the province of Hama, in which Al-Latamnah is located, using shells with chemical weapons. The next day, the Syrian Foreign Ministry called the report fabricated, the purpose of which was to distort the facts and accuse the Syrian authorities.