Pentagon celebrates Iran’s successes in ballistic missile development

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Tehran has made significant strides in the development of ballistic missiles and unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) over the past five to seven years, which is of concern to the United States. This was announced on Thursday, April 22, by the head of the Central Command (CENTCOM) of the US Armed Forces, General Kenneth McKenzie.

He stressed that ballistic missiles pose the greatest threat. The general noted that Iran managed not only to improve the characteristics of its missiles, but also to significantly increase their number, TASS reports.

“Now the numbers depend on how you decided to count the weapons, but this is a little less than 3 thousand (missiles. – Ed.) Of various ranges. However, their accuracy has become much higher than before, which worries me very much, ”Mackenzie said.

The general added that Tehran has begun investing heavily in ground-attack cruise missiles and in its UAV program.

“Their unmanned aerial vehicle development program has also achieved significant success. All these are their relatively new developments. I’m talking about the last five years or so. Sometimes it takes a while for this to become known to us, our analysts. It worries me very much, ”said the head of SENTCOM.

Speaking about the Iranian nuclear program, the general clarified that the Iranian specialists have not yet “done anything irreversible.”

Earlier on April 21, The Wall Street Journal, citing sources, reported that the Biden administration had expressed openness to a possible easing of sanctions against Iran following the Vienna JCPOA talks. According to her, the United States has expressed its readiness to ease the sanctions pressure on the Iranian side in terms of the main economic elements, such as the oil and industrial sectors.