Pea diet from evil spirits: folk signs on February 8

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It turns out that February 8 has its own special name – “pea day”. The whole family ate delicious mashed peas boiled in carrots and butter all day. So people were gaining strength and health.

And strength and health were necessary in order to drive away the evil spirits, which, according to popular belief, were unusually activated that day. In this difficult task, the ax, which was placed at the front door, and crosses drawn in chalk everywhere, helped a lot.

Of course, our ancestors could not do without the traditional weather forecast on this fateful day.

On February 8, for accurate weather predictions for the next week, we observed the behavior of pets. Our ancestors believed that if a cat on the windowsill looks out the window, it is definitely warm, and if the dog sleeps in a ball, it is clear and dry weather.

It was not advisable to do cleaning that day.

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