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Choosing a paver for your landscape project, opens the door for many of the image and the design options and gives directions in the design of concrete slabs for walkways, patios, porches. Even though the mortar is commonly used, there are still alternatives; you can use gravel, sand, or even a species of grass and moss to fill it in together. Many of the patterns are well-known and widely used, not only for their unique look but also for their durability, and Paving Wigan services can do that for you. Below, you can see 5 of the most popular paving models and how to choose the right pattern for you to enhance your living space.

Circular Patterns

This is a pattern that is achieved through the stacking, the stacking of the lines in a circle formation. Even though they have small gaps between them, still they are easy to be filled with cement mortar, or sand. This is well-known to have the best look when mixed with other patterns, such as herringbone, basket weaving. You don’t need to create a full-circle pattern, with the help of this system, you can create a half or even a quarter of a wheel pattern. Its circular pattern is often used at high altitudes or patio; in the breaking of large spaces, adding interest, and a complement to the other elements in the area.

Herringbone pattern

The patterns can be laid in a different direction, which is in the shape of the letter “V”. This template may be placed at an angle of 45 or 90 degrees and is often used in large and medium-sized venues. This template is a highly visual effect, and it adds character to space. You can also use it to mix your project-ceramic tiles or clay pavers, and between them-such as a curb, to create beautiful details. The herringbone pattern is well-known for its strength and durability, it is recommended in areas with a lot of traffic, and furniture. Driveways, sidewalks, patios, and paths will be the perfect place for this particular model.

Basket Weaving Pattern

It comes from the Old English era, the design of the landscape, it is a well-known pattern that will give your space a vintage look and feel. The tiles in this context, are alternate between vertical and horizontal pairs. Associated pavements, forming the rows and the columns, create an attractive effect. You don’t need to stick to a single colour, you can get creative with this formula by adding in contrasting or complementary colours and the paving Wigan service can surely do that for you. This pattern is perfect for homeowners looking for a historic or vintage look, but it is becoming less popular compared to other types of patterns. The basketweave is extremely durable and is a perfect fit for almost any outdoor area.

European Fan Pattern

This is a popular fan pattern in all four corners of Europe, where it originated from. This pattern, along with the circular pattern, is known to be the most difficult to design. Paving Wigan recommends the use of a spinning wheel and installation kit available in the ID PAVING. Even though it is challenging to start the work, but it is one of the most beautiful examples of the pavement, and it is very popular in residential areas, and even in commercial projects. This pattern gives flexibility with the fan size and the color of the bricks.

 Running Bond Pattern

This is the most common model used among homeowners. Why is that? Because it has a simple design, the template is very easy to install, it uses the least amount of waste, in comparison with the other templates. Running bonds are next to each other, to create illusions, with strong lines. These illusions can lead to the fact that your yard is large or even larger, depending on the direction they are laid. This is one of the easiest stacking patterns, but it is required to have a minimum cut, which reduces the amount of work and the installation costs. A conveyor Belt is ideal for smaller rooms to make them look larger, as well as in the area around the house, in order to draw attention to the architecture of the house.

One should always choose paver models carefully, because they can have a dramatic impact on the look and feel of your existing living space. A simple geometric design is most suitable for a modern garden. Random or irregular patterns are ideal for the Mediterranean or Tuscan countryside. Curved or round designs look around as a fountain, fire-pit area.

The most common types of pavers are square, round, rectangular, and hexagonal. The designs are often in more than one form in a project, leading to the creation of more complex patterns, depending on the nature of the property, and paving wigan service can provide you with the latest designs.