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CompTIA Server+ certification offered by CompTIA is one of the most reputed and renowned certifications. It validates its candidates to attain technical competency in the server industry. It is a widely recognized certification that lets candidates validate their hands-on skills in installing, managing, and troubleshooting servers like IT, professionals. It covers RAID, SCSI, proactive maintenance and management, and many more advanced technical topics. If you aspire to work in the IT administrator or server industry, then CompTIA Server+ certification is your starting point. CompTIA Server+ offers a lot of practices and experiences to refine its candidates. It has become an essential certification if one wants to be gain excellence to be a part of the IT industry.

The certification covers the major hardware topics in four different types of operating systems: Windows NT/2000, Novell NetWare, UNIX/Linux, and OS/2. It is necessary for upper-level technicians who are generally responsible for managing hardware maintenance in critical projects.


uCertify provides various facilities regarding the facilities and network accessories. There are different types of benefits of Live labs, which are presented to you by uCertify. They provide exam-based practical tasks and access to the latest technology methods, techniques, and tools to provide the best experience to its candidates. This course and live lab focus on server architecture, security, networking, administration, storage, troubleshooting, and disaster recovery, which are the main objectives of the CompTIA SK0-004 exam. It validates your skills that are used in server and storage systems, mostly in the IT industry. Candidates will be provided with information and knowledge regarding planning, maintaining, and securing various servers. The content and management system of uCertify is solid as it covers the exam objectives thoroughly.

Benefits of CompTIA Server+ certification

CompTIA is a highly renowned credential in the IT sector. The candidates having any CompTIA certifications are highly regarded and appreciated. So Server+ certified candidates are high in demand among employers. Professionals with CompTIA Server+ certification are skilled in Visualization, network-linked storage, security, and troubleshooting are highly anticipated by employers. It emits an excellent impression on the employers and increases your chances of hiring. They are paid handsomely and bring in around $62K per annum or more, depending on experience.

As one possesses this certification, they are well acquainted with storage systems, server architecture and management, troubleshooting problems, and more. It validates its candidates to carry out such works and resolve them.

How to Get certified?

The CompTIA Server+ is exclusive for tech support and mostly for IT professionals with around eighteen to twenty-four months of experience required. To get Server+ certification, you need to have CompTIA A+ certification as prerequisites. Along with a degree in computer science and IT, a certificate will add value to your identity as a professional. It covers topics such as storage systems, IT settings, virtualization, and disaster recovery plans which are the main focus for CompTIA Server+. Professionals with server+ are expertise in managing and developing server architecture and infrastructure. Professionals can categorize different issues and understand them. They comply accordingly with disaster recovery programs and general security plans, which are essential. They incorporate tools and approaches to get a fast outcome and understand server roles. They are trained and experienced in dealing with server problems and creating and implementing resolutions to prevent future fatalities.

Microsoft, Cisco, and Novell also demand server+ as prerequisites in their certifications. It is essential because top hiring companies are looking for potential candidates with Server+ certification.

Career prospects

These are the career prospects available for candidates with CompTIA Server+ certification.

  1. Network Administrator: A network administrator is solely answerable for supporting server systems and maintaining the network and hardware systems. They monitor the system traffic and ensures a safe approach to access the server. They must have a thorough knowledge of servers, routers, and firewalls.
  2. Network engineer: Network engineers or network architects are responsible for managing and building networks and systems, including LANs (Local Area Network) and WANs (Wide Area Network).
  3. Server administrator: Server administrators are responsible for configuring and maintaining servers and troubleshooting to ensure safe internet surfing. They prevent any unauthorized access by implementing firewalls.


ucertify provides essential training and coaching to help aspirants develop their skills. It ensures that the candidates pass with high scores. Thus, the collaboration can assist in developing master ideas and techniques.