Party “New People” proposed to keep benefits for self-employed for 20 years

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The leader of the New People party Alexei Nechaev proposed to increase the size of the special tax regime for the self-employed – up to 5 million rubles of annual income and freeze the tax at 4% for 20 years. The politician believes that it is these entrepreneurs who are the driver of the domestic economy. “New people” also believe that it is necessary to increase the salaries of teachers.

“We propose to raise the minimum wage of a teacher to 75 thousand rubles throughout the country. Relieve teachers from reporting. Establish a single federal standard for providing schools. They should receive funds directly from the federal budget, ”the chairman of the association Alexei Nechaev told Izvestia.

The two main problems of Russian education, according to party representatives, are bureaucratization and uneven funding across regions. The proposed initiatives will solve these difficulties, says Alexei Nechaev.

“Teachers do not teach children, they write reports. The Moscow school receives about 150 thousand rubles for the education of each child. a year, and Kostroma is less than 28 thousand rubles, ”the politician emphasized.

The New People party was registered in March 2020 in Moscow by the founders of the Russian company Faberlic Alexei Nechaev and Alexander Davankov. Now the political association has about 55 regional branches. “New People” are running for elections in September in 12 regions, and are also going to participate in the campaign for the State Duma in 2021.

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