Participants of the march of nationalists in Kiev promised to “walk through the ruins of Moscow”

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Participants of the “March of embroideries”, dedicated to the anniversary of the creation of the SS division “Galicia” during the Second World War, promised to fight in Moscow, writes the Ukrainian newspaper “”.

“We walked with a golden lion in the center of Kiev. I hope that soon we will walk with the golden lion through Donetsk and the ruins of Moscow, ”said one of the participants.

Another radical said that the participants in the march are the force that will rule the country in the future and “start a war with Russia.”

A march of representatives of radical and nationalist organizations in honor of the anniversary of the division was held in Kiev on Wednesday and gathered about 70 participants. They walked through the center of Kiev, and on the bridge near Independence Square they hung a banner depicting soldiers in Nazi uniforms.

The organizers of the action called on supporters to come in embroidered shirts.

The head of the Ukrainian Institute of National Memory Anton Drobovich called the praise of the SS troops inadmissible.

The SS Galicia Division was created on April 28, 1943 and consisted of Ukrainian nationalist volunteers. The members of the unit took part in punitive operations and the fight against partisans. In the summer of 1944, they tried to restrain the advance of the Red Army in the area of ​​the city of Brody, but was completely defeated.