Parcel delivery: Intelcom begins operations in Australia

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Montreal-based parcel delivery company Intelcom Courrier announced on Tuesday the official start of its international activities, by opening its first subsidiary in Australia.

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Dragonfly Shipping will make its first deliveries this week to Brisbane, capital of the state of Queensland, the Quebec company said in a statement.

As part of this international expansion, Intelcom plans to create more than 700 jobs and plans to expand its operations in major Australian metropolitan areas.

“When it came to international expansion, we quickly saw that there were issues in Australia that we could address quickly,” said Jean-Sébastien Joly, Chairman and CEO of Intelcom. The situation for e-commerce there is similar to that of Canada about 5 years ago, and we saw an opportunity. ”

This breakthrough in Oceania consolidates the Montreal company’s leading position in the home parcel delivery market, according to Intelcom, which hopes, in the short term, to make its Australian subsidiary the leading daily high-volume delivery service.