Oxytocin may be effective in preventing osteoporosis

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The conclusion that the so-called “love hormone” helps prevent osteoporosis, came researchers from the State University of São Paulo in Brazil.

They injected female mice at the end of the fertile period with this hormone, and oxytocin reversed the manifestation of further osteoporosis, for example, a decrease in bone density and strength, a lack of substances for their formation, writes Medikforum.

Rita Menegati Dornelles, one of the authors of the study, which is published in Scientific Reports, said that their work is aimed at preventing primary osteoporosis. Scientists are looking at the physiological processes that occur in the premenopausal period.

Ten 18-month-old female mice received two doses of oxytocin, the interval between administrations was 12 hours.

35 days after the oxytocin was administered, the researchers analyzed blood samples as well as tissue from the femoral neck, and compared the results with those of female mice of the same age who did not receive the hormone.

It turned out that rodents who did not receive oxytocin showed no signs of loss of bone density.

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