Over 85 thousand meters of old asphalt will be cut on the road to the border with Latvia

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More than 85 thousand square meters of worn out road surface will be cut on the road “Opochka – Krasnogorodsk – border with Latvia”. As “MK in Pskov” was told in the press service of the regional committee for transport and road facilities of the Pskov region, the contractor is carrying out repairs under the flag of the national project “Safe and high-quality highways”.

Currently, on the site in the Opochetsky and Krasnogorodsky districts between the villages of Lyutskovo and Soboltsovo, road workers are milling old asphalt, and at the same time clearing the sides of the bushes and trees blocking the view. The replacement of the elements of the culverts has already been completed. However, much remains to be done.

Works on the site have already begun

The contract provides for the leveling of slopes and the bottom of the ditch, laying two layers of asphalt, strengthening the shoulders, sowing grass, repairing ramps, and applying markings. The authors of the road reconstruction project also took care of the low-mobility groups of the population who will use this road: access pockets and landing sites with a ramp will appear on the road.

We add that all these activities will require about 193 million rubles. All funds have already been directed from the regional budget. The work is scheduled to be completed by July 29.