Over 5 million Americans refuse second COVID-19 vaccine

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Almost 8% of US citizens (more than 5 million people) who were vaccinated with the first dose of Pfizer or Moderna refused the second injection. On Sunday, April 25, The New York Times reported this with reference to the Center for Disease Control and Dissemination (CDC).

As the newspaper notes, Americans miss the second vaccination for various reasons. Some are afraid of possible side effects, others forget the due date, some believe that one injection is enough to develop long-term sustained immunity to COVID-19. At the same time, the newspaper specifies, sometimes the vaccination centers themselves canceled the registration for the second vaccination, as they ran out of the necessary drugs.

The published data only show a period until April 7, so now the number of people who missed the second dose is already higher. However, as the newspaper notes, this figure is still much less than expected by experts from the Centers for Disease Prevention and Control.

According to the CDC, more than 41.3% of the state population (over 137.2 million people) received at least one dose of the drug for the coronavirus. Approximately 27.5% (91.1 million people) in the United States are fully vaccinated.

On April 24, the US medical regulators FDA and CDC announced the resumption of the use of the coronavirus vaccine manufactured by Jonson & Jonson. The recommendation to suspend the use of the vaccine was due to the fixation of six cases of rare but serious thrombosis after vaccination with the drug manufactured by Jonson & Jonson.

Based on a thorough review of the safety of the vaccine, US medical regulators were convinced of the safety and efficacy of the drug, as well as the fact that the potential benefits of the vaccine far outweigh the potential risks for the group of people aged 18 years or older.

On April 20, US President Joe Biden said the country was considering helping other countries with the supply of coronavirus vaccines. We are talking about those drugs that are not used in the United States. At the same time, he noted that the States themselves do not yet have enough vaccines in order to poison them abroad. The head of the White House also called on all Americans over the age of 16 to be vaccinated against COVID-19.

There are three COVID-19 vaccines registered in the United States: one from Pfizer and BioNTech, and two from American companies Moderna and Johnson & Johnson.