Out-of-the-box landscaping solutions highlight the Arctic character of Murmansk

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To make the regional center the most fashionable Arctic city in the world – such an ambitious task was set by the regional authorities. It was voiced by Governor Andrei Chibis during the presentation of the comprehensive urban improvement program “Our Murmansk”, which took place on board the icebreaker “Lenin”.

“The Arctic today attracts the most daring, interesting and creative people. And we need to make sure that Murmansk, due to its uniqueness and character, truly corresponds to the title of the capital of the Arctic, ”the governor said.

The plans are, of course, ambitious and interesting. So, the areas of Five Corners and Pryvokzalnaya should be reconstructed. The long-awaited arrangement will also affect the Valley of Comfort. And Murmansk residents will definitely like the wonderful idea of ​​creating a Victory Park in the vicinity of the memorial to the Defenders of the Arctic Circle.

In addition, 7 sites overlooking the bay will be landscaped this summer. it

the first stage of the project “MyZaliv.rf”, the author of which is Alexey Arushanyan from Murmansk.

The unexpected success of the bike rental system in Murmansk last year inspired the regional authorities to develop this direction. Already on May 1, the city bike rental will resume its seasonal work. But the townspeople are waiting for its renewal – the same number will be added to ten stations, and electric scooters will be added to the bicycle park. The ultimate goal is to cover all three city districts with a network of rental stations.

In addition, the Our Murmansk program includes a general lighting plan of the city with illumination of buildings and objects, the formation of a single green frame system.

As MK has already reported, an urban design code will be created to form a single Murmansk style. The competition for its creation was won by the well-known design studio of Artemy Lebedev, and the company “Nornickel” takes part in the financing of the work.

“It is important to start the process of city renewal, and not episodically, but systematically. We approach this scrupulously, we attract the most interesting people here – both from the outside and our fellow countrymen. And I really like that today a united team with unusual ideas is working on this. Our task is to gradually transform Murmansk into a city convenient for life, taking into account the urban planning experience of our predecessors. And we will definitely do it, ”the governor summed up.

Direct flights have been launched from Murmansk to Kazan and Nizhny Novgorod