Orthodox Maundy Thursday has come

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On April 29, Orthodox Christians had Great, or Holy Thursday. People also call this day Maundy Thursday. Beginning with him and during three days church services will be devoted to the remembrance of the earthly sufferings of Jesus Christ.

“It is on this day that the Holy Gifts are prepared for the whole year for sick, infirm people who cannot visit the church on Sunday and to whom the priest comes to receive communion at home. It is on this day that we perform the rite of washing the feet, when the primate of the service washes the feet of the clergy in memory of how the Lord washed the feet of His disciples, ”Patriarch Kirill said in one of his sermons.

On Holy Thursday, contrary to popular belief, it is not customary to cook Easter cakes. Also, you should not do housework, it is best to do it in advance or on Saturday. Instead of these activities, believers are advised to participate in worship services.

From Monday, April 26, until Holy Saturday, May 1, there is Passion Week, during which the Last Supper is remembered, at which Jesus Christ established the sacrament of the Eucharist and washed the feet of the disciples, the tradition for judgment, crucifixion, and the burial of Jesus Christ. This is the last week of Great Lent, after which, on May 2, one of the main Christian holidays follows – Easter.