Orlov: “Andrey Bocharov does a lot for the development of our region”

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Governor of the Volgograd Region Andrey Bocharov today held a visiting meeting at one of the Volga enterprises. The results of the meeting were commented on by the veteran of the industry of our region Viktor Orlov.

Viktor Ivanovich noted that Andrei Bocharov is doing a lot for the development of the industry of the Volgograd region and our region as a whole. The Volgograd economy is based on the industrial sector, the development of other areas depends on the situation in this area.

“Many thanks to Andrei Bocharov for his attention to the industry, for its long-term support,” said Viktor Orlov. – Without a strong industry, we are simply nowhere! And our veteran mandate of the youth of the region: keep to the factory pipes!

In our region, systematic work is underway to develop industrial potential. This consistent work is built in close cooperation with the federal center, development institutions and investors.

As a result, since 2014, 82 modern production facilities and new sites have been opened, more than 7 thousand jobs have been created additionally, and the total investment has exceeded 200 billion rubles.