Orbit Camera Movement Make Art Now-What is a Robotic Arm by Josh Yeo?

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By Sarah

A robotic orbit camera movement make art now; Josh designed a motorized circling camera setup controlled by motion. The Marbl Orbit, like Axibo, is a motion control orbit camera rig hanging from your ceiling to spin wherever you want. You can do it in real-time and slow motion.

It is a method of filming yourself or a topic in a novel and engaging way that does not necessitate using a film crew. It’s a robotic camera control that is presently available on Kickstarter, with super early bird commitments beginning.

Who is Josh Yeo?

Josh Yeo is a Los Angeles-based filmmaker who manages to make an orbit camera movement make art now. Josh released Anamorphia 2, which is also highly significant, but we are here to discuss his new launch.

In one of the most recent videos, Josh unveiled a new product that he (and a few others) invented and is now available on Kickstarter: the Marbl Orbit, a robotic arm.

What is Marbl Orbit?

  • The affordable camera robot comprises two movable arms that may modify the camera’s closeness to the subject and its height, tilt, and roll. Rapid-release bolts allow for quick adjustments.
  • You will also find a motor attached to the ceiling in the device.
  • This arrangement should produce smooth orbital movement for good b-roll or interview clips, as Josh demonstrated in his interview.
  • Users may place a camera on one side, a tiny light on the other, and two cameras, a camera, a backdrop, and so on.
  • The kit includes one camera mount and four Velcro straps.
  •  The Focus Ball is another intriguing concept. It is a lightweight balloon that resembles the moon and hangs in the center of the gadget to aid focusing.

The Marbl Orbit’s Motor

The motor of an orbit camera movement make art now that may revolve from 1/60 RPM (1 turn every 60 minutes) to 10 RPM, providing you lots of flexibility in selecting your optimum RPM. Below 3 RPM, it’s very smooth and completely silent.

It enables you to shoot 360-degree product photography using lenses you’ve never used before, such as high magnification telephoto lenses and the Laowa 24mm probing lens, with no worries about shaking or vibrations.

You may also move the ORBIT by hand to preview and confirm your orbit 360-degree photographs look the way you want all the way around to guarantee your shots appear the way you want.

 LED Lights

The LED light beneath the motor may illuminate the subject while eliminating shadows cast by the rotating bar (from other lights). The orbit camera’s motor may adjust the brightness of the light from 0 to 100%. Its 4,400 mAh built-in battery could last 8-10 hours depending on brightness. Marbl Orbit includes a laser to determine the pivot point of the subject site.

Marbl Orbits Focus

The automatic camera movement has a magnetic focus ball that attaches to the device’s very bottom, precisely in the center. You have to focus on the ball, then switch to manual focus mode to lock the focus settings.

Given that your product will be dead center of the orbit camera movement make art now. The magnetic focus ball will aid you in continually setting your focus and aiming directly at the pivot point of your product, keeping your topic in focus the whole time. Simply pull the focus ball down and off when you’re finished.

Its Available Versions

Marbl Orbit is available in three variations:

The Base Model It contains the adjustable arms, the motor unit, and a ceiling mount.
The Studio Model It contains everything from the Base model and the LED ring light in the middle.
The Pro Model It contains the Studio model, a carrying box, an outside mount for c-stands, combination stands, and high risers. The standard Studio version can carry up to 6.5 pounds (2.9 kg).


You Can Get Yours

You can get your orbit camera movement make art now Josh’s development from Kickstarter. The Super early bird price is $799. When these units are gone, the price rises to $899, then $999. The suggested retail price is $1,099.

The Studio model starting early price is $899. When these units are gone, the price rises to $999, then $1,099. The suggested retail price is $1,399. The Pro model’s early bird price is $1,599, and its total selling price will be $1,799.

Orbit Camera Application

The orbit camera app is also available, which serves as a remote control for the motor and laser lights. You can adjust the lights and rotation speed with the help of the application and the laser adjustment.


Josh Yeo’s orbit camera movement make art now a new advancement for filmmakers. You don’t need a film staff to produce a film. It is a multitasking camera that functions brilliantly. There are three versions available to kick start your filmmaking career.