One of the victims died after hitting a car in Moscow

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One of the women, who was hit by a Mercedes driver in the north of Moscow, has died. On Tuesday, March 22, REN TV reported.

Doctors are fighting for the life of the second victim.

The accident happened earlier that day at the intersection of Konakovsky passage and Pulkovskaya street. The driver of the foreign car collided in another car, knocked down two female pedestrians and fled the scene.

As it became known, the driver is 23-year-old Sidikshokh Rakhmatov. According to REN TV, the driver was drunk on several occasions. It contains eight unpaid fines in the amount of about 35 thousand rubles.

Currently, the driver is wanted by law enforcement agencies.

An investigative and operational group is also working at the scene of the accident. The circumstances and causes of the accident are being established.