One of the US’ largest forests is in danger: ‘Tucker Carlson Originals’ exposes green energy scam in Maine

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A new episode of “Tucker Carlson Originals” is now available on Fox Nation, and details just how far foreign energy companies will go to deceive the residents – and government – of Maine.

In the episode, “Green Energy Scams: Maine,” Carlson and his team head to Maine to investigate a corrupt green energy plot that threatens to destroy the largest forest in the Eastern United States.

A group of foreign energy conglomerates who struck a deal to bring renewable energy to Massachusetts has proposed the “Central Maine Power Corridor,” a large “scar” of stripped land and power lines, which would run through and decimate more than 100 miles of Maine’s north woods.

“Maine acts as the extension cord to bring this power to Massachusetts,” Former State Senator Dr. Tom Saviello said.

The proposed corridor is so expansive that the “scar” – and the 120-foot towers built on it – would be visible from miles away.

Central Maine Power and Hydro-Quebec, the companies behind the operation, are set to make millions of dollars every month off of the project, and have subsequently “bribed” rural Americans in the area with public relations talking heads promising tax reductions and energy cost cuts.

In addition, the companies have pushed a 20-million dollar ad campaign, issued false subpoenas, hired private investigators, and lobbied across the state to push the deal through.

The deception doesn’t end there.

Central Maine Power has a habit of over-projecting their tax revenues,” said Elizabeth Caruso, a selectperson for Caratunk, Maine. “They present a declaration of assessment that is far below what they projected to the towns in order to get their permits.”  

But, while these foreign corporations are set to get rich off the desecration of Maine’s landscape, many residents of the state are likely to be negatively affected.

In the full episode, Carlson sits down with many of these people and unearths how deep this green energy plot goes to scam the government of Maine and the people who live there.

This new episode of “Tucker Carlson Originals,” is currently available on Fox Nation, with new episodes coming every few weeks.


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