Oncologists have named common foods from which cancer develops

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Experts believe that the food consumed by people has a strong impact on human health. Oncologists emphasized that there are a number of everyday food products that provoke the appearance and development of malignant tumors.

Experts note that the risk group includes food consumed by the population in large quantities. Unfortunately, at the moment in the modern world, the most effective way of cancer therapy is a balanced diet.

After a series of studies, scientists have proven that being overweight increases the likelihood of cancer by 2.5 times, writes the portal “KTV-LUCH”.

According to experts, foods made from processed meat (sausages, sausage), foods made from refined white flour (buns, cookies, bread), artificial sweeteners, alcohol and red meat in large quantities provoke cancer.

In addition, such products as: smoked meats, pickles, marinades, soda with syrup, chips, ketchup and mayonnaise are dangerous.

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