Oncologist named the first signs of blood cancer in young people

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Leukemia is most often diagnosed in the younger generation. Oncologist and surgeon Mikhail Myasnyankin told how to recognize a disease in children in time.

Rapid weight loss, increased fatigue, decreased appetite and pallor should be alarmed, the physician noted.

– Leukemia disrupts the normal functioning of the bone marrow, this leads to a shortage of erythrocytes, leukocytes and platelets in the blood, – Masnyankin quotes “Channel Five”. – This type of cancer usually occurs due to genetic factors or negative environmental influences.

Bad habits of the mother during pregnancy, chronic inflammation of the genitourinary system or birth trauma can also provoke a dangerous disease.
The doctor urged to carefully monitor the well-being of children, in case of suspicious symptoms, you should contact a pediatrician.

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