On the Right Bank of Kaluga, the work of a problem traffic light was changed

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In Kaluga, on the Right Bank, the operating mode of the problem traffic light has been changed. Previously, there were many complaints from local residents that this traffic light causes congestion on a small section of the road, the duration of which is only a couple of hundred meters.

“Now the traffic light has started working in a new mode. When turning to Lilac Boulevard from the side of Shopino, you need to wait until the left arrow lights up. Otherwise, there is a risk of catching those who go to Shopino from the center in the forehead,” the Pravoberezhye group said in a statement. ” in Vkontakte”.

After the drivers began to receive complaints, a camera was placed on this section of the road to monitor the situation. Based on the monitoring results, the first adjustments to the traffic light were made. The situation will continue to be monitored. Drivers note that this morning there were more traffic jams in this section.