On the eve of Easter, the Mayor’s office will financially support the poor

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Over 33,000 people will receive one-time payments

Traditionally, on the eve of Easter holidays, the local administration of the capital provides financial assistance to low-income residents of the municipality. This year is no exception.

According to the press service of the mayor’s office, according to the decision of the Commission for the provision of material assistance, 500 lei will be paid to 1,537 lonely elderly people who use the assistance of the Social Home Care Service, 909 members of the Chisinau territorial branch of the Society of the Deaf of the Republic of Moldova and 820 members of the Chisinau territorial branch of the Society of the Blind of the Republic of Moldova. …

One-time financial assistance in the amount of 1000 lei will be provided to 110 cultural workers in a difficult financial situation, 31 professional patronage assistants from the staff of the General Directorate for the Protection of the Rights of the Child and 285 employees of educational institutions.

The payments of 100 lei are intended for 30,000 elderly people with the smallest pensions; their lists are now being drawn up jointly with the National Social Insurance Fund.

In total, over 2,000,000 lei will be spent on material support for the poor on the eve of Easter holidays.