On the coming Saturday, in the south of Sakhalin, it was forbidden to go out on the ice

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Sakhalin rescuers warned the fishermen about the danger that awaits them on the ice on Saturday, February 20. In Mordvinov Bay, you cannot go out on the ice.

As it became known to “MK on Sakhalin”, on this day the wind blowing is expected. Because of it, landfast ice movements will begin. Such conditions pose a threat to the life and health of fishermen.

Earlier, “MK on Sakhalin” said that on the night of February 16, several fishermen were lost in the Starodubsky area. Then the blizzard was just beginning, and yet they could barely get to their cars.

And in the midst of a raging cyclone, when the roads were blocked, the Emergencies Ministry happily allowed them to go fishing. Then the section from Malkovo to Cape Svobodny was opened in the Mordvinov Bay.