On Sakhalin, the mayor invited residents to fight stray dogs themselves

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In Uglegorsk, Sakhalin Region, stray dogs roamed. Right on the street, the flock gnawed at its relative: the corpse lay near residential buildings, as eyewitnesses report, it was removed by local children.

The reaction of the local authorities is curious: a subscriber of the telegram channel “State of emergency Sakhalin” sent a screenshot of the appeal about the binge of dogs. The official page of the mayor of the Uglegorsk region, Sergei Doroshchuk, suggested not “falling for power.”

“Do it, defend yourself in all available ways. No one prohibits protecting the life and health of relatives and friends within reasonable limits. It is impossible to fall for power in everything, ”writes the specialist of the Uglegorsk press service on behalf of the mayor (or maybe the mayor himself). The interlocutor added that there was no one to build an aviary, and there was no one to catch the dogs.

The administration of the MK on Sakhalin district reported that Sergei Doroshchuk is now on a business trip, he does not answer the phone himself.

And in Krasnogorsk, neighboring from Uglegorsk, trouble came to pets: there they cruelly mocked a pregnant dog.