On Sakhalin, a pregnant dog was brutally mocked

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A terrible incident shook the village of Krasnogorsk, Tomarinsky district. In one of the courtyards they tried to kill a purebred dog. The sheepdog survived, but was badly injured.

According to the site ASTV.ru, with reference to the owner of the dog, the Alfa Shepherd has been living with him for eight years. An unknown person climbed over the fence and climbed into the courtyard of his private house: obviously with the aim of kidnapping a dog. Alpha was hit on the head and removed from the chain, then stabbed in the throat. The dog was lucky, the tendons or arteries were not touched and it escaped.

The owner assumes that they wanted to eat the dog: the meat of domestic dogs is valued higher than street dogs, which may be sick with something. Alpha was examined by a veterinarian, the wound was sutured. The pregnant darling of the family will have a difficult recovery. The intruder is being looked for.