Omsk circus opened its own history museum

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The Omsk Circus has opened its own history museum, which displays historical documents, first tickets and clown shoes from Soviet times. The ceremony was attended by the Minister of Culture of the region Yuri Trofimov.

“Getting to know the backstage of the circus is probably no less exciting than the show itself. And today we are opening the first hall of the only museum beyond the Urals in the circus “, – quotes the head of the Ministry of Culture IA” OMSKREGION “.

The first exhibition presents historical photographs and documents, the first tickets and programs, props and costumes, as well as the Circus Charter from 1972. In addition, here you can see the Book of Complaints and Suggestions, which is the same age as the current circus building.

By June 12, the museum is planned to expand to three halls. A room with working tools will appear, where the visitor can try a ride on a tricycle and a mechanical unicycle. A circus dressing room will be presented in the third hall. At the moment, only costumes are on display.

According to the director of the circus Elena Agafonova, they wanted to open the museum back in 2016, after a major overhaul, but the process was delayed. “I didn’t think it would turn out to be so laborious. We studied, “tortured” our local historians, collected information bit by bit. I am glad that in the end we got to the bottom of the truth, ”concluded Agafonova.

So far, you can only get to the museum by appointment or during performances.