Oklahoma wants to open the season of hunting for “Bigfoot”

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According to the Associated Press, the mythical ape-like creature that has fascinated adventurers for decades is now the target of an Oklahoma lawmaker.

State Rep. Justin Humphrey has introduced a bill to … open the Bigfoot hunting season. This legislator’s district includes the forested Waschita Mountains in southeastern Oklahoma, where the Bigfoot Festival is held annually near the Arkansas border. Humphrey believes that the issuance of a government hunting license can help promote tourism.

“Establishing an actual hunting season and issuing licenses to people who want to hunt Bigfoot will simply bring more people to our already beautiful part of the state,” Humphrey said in a statement.

Justin Humphrey claims that his bill only allows Bigfoot to be trapped and that he also hopes to provide $ 25,000 to be offered as a reward.

Mika Holmes, a spokesman for hunting in the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife, said in a comment to KOCO that the agency uses scientific research and does not recognize the existence of Bigfoot.

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Bigfoot hunting season

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