Ohio Police Chief Steps Down One Month After African American Murder

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Columbus Police Chief, Ohio, Thomas Kinlan stepped down a month after a police officer shot and killed an unarmed African American, Andre Hill. This was reported by the local newspaper Columbus Dispatch.

A 47-year-old black man was shot dead by police officer Adam Coy in December 2020. The police officer was suspended from service after it was revealed that he only turned on his chest recorder after Hill was fatally injured.

Coy was later fired. Kinlan called the man’s murder senseless cruelty and added that it could have been prevented.

Columbus Mayor Andrew Ginter spoke about Keenlan’s resignation and said the former chief of police had failed to live up to his expectations, as well as the expectations of society.

At the end of May, mass actions against racism and police brutality began in the United States against the background of the death of a black George Floyd in Minneapolis during his arrest. The rallies soon escalated into clashes with the police, looting and vandalism.

Despite this, a number of similar incidents have occurred in the country. For example, in August, police officers shot and killed a black man while being detained in Louisiana, and in September an African-American was shot by officers in Washington.

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