Official unemployment in Tatarstan has increased sevenfold since the beginning of the year

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In the Labor and Employment Centers of the Republic of Tatarstan for seven months of 2020, the number of officially registered unemployed has increased almost seven times. This was reported by the head of the Ministry of Labor of the Republic of Tatarstan Elmira Zaripova.

According to her, today 74755 Tatarstan citizens are considered officially unemployed. For comparison, as of January 1 of this year, there were 10.9 thousand of them, she said.

The minister explained that every third unemployed person lost his job after March 1. Basically, workers in trade (22%), manufacturing industries (14%) and workers in the service sector, hotel business, catering (10%) were left without work.

The largest number of unemployed was registered in the third decade of April. Then, in a week, about 15 thousand Tatarstan citizens were recorded who were left without work. However, the stabilization of the situation on the labor market of Tatarstan is already observed, Zaripova concluded, noting that now less than three thousand residents of the Republic of Tatarstan apply to employment services per week.

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