Off Roading Hacks

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Love to off-road? You’ve upgraded your vehicle with all the best mods – overland Tacoma bumpers for the front and rear, a beefed-up suspension, skid plates to keep everything safe, and aftermarket auxiliary lighting that looks fierce and gives you maximum visibility in all conditions. Now it’s time to think about some of the smaller details that contribute to a great experience on the road.


You’ve got to be prepared for recovery on the trail. Getting stuck is part of the fun, but only if you have the right gear along to get unstuck. A winch is a must, as are a good jack, ropes, tree guards and straps, gloves, etc. You could also consider a pair of Maxtrax recovery boards to give you essential traction.

Another facet of recovery is a first aid kit; personal recovery from injury on the road is the difference between continuing on the journey and coming home early. A well-stocked first aid kit in a waterproof carrying case will help you handle most of what comes your way.


Staying hydrated is critical. Your ability to problem solve, think clearly, and even enjoy the ride are all impaired if you don’t stay sufficiently hydrated. Once you feel thirsty, you’re already behind in the hydration game, so you’ve got to keep water and other beverages handy at all times.

Water is the best bet for hydration, and we understand the temptation to skimp; water takes up a lot of space in your rig. Here are a few hacks to make staying hydrated on the trail easier:

  • Invest in a filtering jerrycan like the LIFESAVER. You can refill this as many times as you need from any water source and always have safe water to drink.
  • Get yourself a cooler like the Dometic power cooler. Cold water always goes down better than the warm stuff.
  • Fill small water bottles with water from your jerrycan and put them in the cooler, so you always have clean, cold water to drink.
  • Bring along some flavor options. You can find dozens of different flavor packets that don’t take up much space and are easy to add to your water.
  • Always keep a bottle of cold water within arm’s reach and just keep drinking all day long.

Air Compressor

The benefits of a soft place to sleep are self-explanatory. Bringing along a portable air compressor can make life on the trail much easier. For example:

  1. You can use it to inflate your tires to get the pressure you need.
  2. You can blow up an air mattress for sleeping.
  3. You can use it to inflate the giant pink flamingo floatie you’ve been dying to take out on the river.

It’s the Little Things

Stay hydrated, bring along some compressed air, and ensure you’ve got what you need to get out of a jam. Now you’re ready for an epic road trip.