Odnoklassniki launched stickers with sound

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Odnoklassniki was the first from social networks to launch stickers with sound – a new format of visual communication in private messages and comments. Bright quotes, music and other sounds will help to better convey emotions and diversify the communication of users.

Sound stickers are another step in the development of the OK platform for the exchange of emotions. In addition to ordinary stickers, as well as postcards, virtual gifts, “moments” and calls, users were able to quickly exchange remarks and emotions in the most convenient format.

The first stickers with sound were created by Olga Seryabkina, Timur Rodriguez, IOWA, Natalya Podolskaya, Bianca and Denis Klyaver, so that OK users could express emotions with the words of their idols. Also, a sticker pack appeared on the social network with memorable fragments from its own OK TV series “Five with a plus!”. Stickers with sound from the sitcom will help you express yourself more accurately in correspondence with the help of catchy phrases from the characters of the series. OK will constantly expand the number of sound sticker packs on the platform.

New stickers are available for free to all users of the social network on the sticker showcase. They are marked with a special icon with a speaker, by clicking on which you can watch the animation and listen to the sound. In the dialogue, stickers are played by default without sound, so that the interlocutor will listen to them when it is convenient for him. New stickers are available both in the desktop version of the social network and in the latest versions of mobile applications for iOS and Android.

In the near future, all OK users will be able to upload their stickers with sound so that friends and family can use them in their daily communication. It will also allow creators, celebrities and brands to integrate into their followers’ daily communications, expand their fan base, and further engage users.

OKs are actively developing their own sticker platform: in 2020, users sent 1.5 billion stickers in private messages, and the number of submissions in comments grew by 42% over the year.

“We are constantly developing services for communication in OK and we see that updates are in demand among our audience. For example, last year we allowed users of the social network to upload their sets, and now 35% of all sent stickers are those that were uploaded by users. Now we have decided to “sound” the stickers, because the sound helps to convey emotion more accurately, which means it will make communication between users brighter and more diverse, “said Vladimir Kochetkov, project director of the Odnoklassniki social network.