Nutritionist Shared Tricks for Fighting Insomnia

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In the fight against insomnia, high-calorie foods should be excluded from the evening diet. Nutritionist Lyudmila Babich told about this in an interview to the portal “Voice UA”.

The expert does not recommend having dinner after six in the evening, and for the evening diet it is advised to choose the most useful and low-calorie foods. She noted that some foods are capable of stimulating the nervous system.

The expert attributed chocolate, foods rich in vitamin C, fatty, smoked and spicy foods to foods that are undesirable to eat before bedtime, and also recommended refraining from tea and coffee. In addition, Babich recommended not to eat meat before bed, especially red meat, as well as onions and garlic, which awaken the appetite.

At the end of February, Andrew Weil, a specialist in integrative medicine at the American University, advised to use the 4-7-8 breathing technique in case of insomnia or unexpected awakening at night.

The technique is to slowly inhale through the nose for four seconds, then hold the breath for seven seconds and exhale smoothly for eight seconds. This sequence should be repeated until the moment you enter sleep.