Nutritionist named the least harmful alcohol

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The most low-calorie alcoholic drinks are red and white dry wines. They can also affect the increase in life expectancy. This was announced on April 28 by nutritionist Olga Shmeleva.

“The best options are dry red and dry white wines. However, the former is even better, since it also contains antioxidants, ”the NSN expert quotes.

Shmeleva noted that there is no medical confirmation of this statement, but the Italians and French who regularly drink such wines, doctors observe an improved quality of cholesterol metabolism.

According to the nutritionist, such alcohol has a low calorie content. So, one 150 ml glass of dry wine contains 100 kilocalories.

On April 6, it was reported that the inspection of Roskachestvo identified the leaders among the most popular imported wines. They turned out to be samples of products from Spain, Italy and France.