Nutritionist gives tips to prevent weight gain during the holidays

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To avoid gaining excess weight on the May holidays, Russians were advised to ensure that junk food does not exceed 20% of the diet. This advice was given on Tuesday, May 4, by the nutritionist of the SberZdorovye service, Margarita Makukha.

“The task of a person when organizing food on holidays is not to overeat and try to follow a correct, healthy diet. Usually during the holidays we can afford about 20% of “unhealthy” food in the form of pastries, sweets, fatty treats. However, it is better not to get carried away with such food, and at the end of the holidays – to normalize food as much as possible, “RIA Novosti quotes her.

According to the nutritionist, an effective way to avoid overeating is also to follow a drinking regimen, in which a person drinks about 2 liters of clean water per day. Drinking a glass of water before a meal also helps control appetite, Makuha said.

She clarified that it is advisable to start the meal itself with a portion of vegetables, since they contain a large amount of fiber, which gives satiety and prevents overeating. The nutritionist also reminded the Russians that alcoholic beverages are high in calories.

“Of course, no one is safe from accidental or even planned overeating, especially on holidays. After such “breakdowns” you can make 1-2 fasting days, for example, vegetable, kefir, apple, and then return to the healthy diet, “added Makukha.

On May 2, Ph.D., a therapist and nutritionist Rimma Moysenko warned Russians who were fasting that it was necessary to return to eating meat gradually, since during abstinence the body reduced the production of enzymes that are needed to process them.