Northern Fleet ships completed anti-submarine missions in the Barents Sea

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The ship search and strike group of the Northern Fleet (SF) has worked out a series of anti-submarine missions in the near zone of the Barents Sea. The actions were carried out as part of an interspecific command-staff exercise to resolve crisis situations in the Arctic, which is being led by the Commander-in-Chief of the Navy, Admiral Nikolai Evmenov.

The crews of the small anti-submarine ships Snezhnogorsk, Brest and Yunga, in cooperation with the IL-38 aircraft and the Ka-27PL helicopter of the Northern Fleet anti-submarine aviation, carried out a search and tracking of the enemy submarine, which was a diesel-electric submarine of the Kola flotilla of heterogeneous forces.

The sailors worked out various methods of searching for a submarine using onboard sonar systems, as well as interaction with anti-submarine aviation pilots. Those, in turn, carried out the setting of barriers from hydroacoustic buoys in the naval training grounds of the fleet.

The crews of anti-submarine ships also carried out joint maneuvering, evasion from a torpedo attack and the conditional use of weapons against an underwater enemy.

Last week, the same composition of the ship search and strike group of the Kola Flotilla of diverse forces conducted an exercise to repel the air attack weapons of a simulated enemy.

On April 20, during a command post exercise, the military in the Barents Sea worked out a conditional rescue of a damaged ship in the Arctic.