Nightingale saved an owlet in Zheleznovodsk

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In the resort of Zheleznovodsk on the Kavminvody, rescuers freed a little owlet from the wire captivity. The press service of the mayor’s office of the resort city reports that the bird almost died, entangled in a wire at a height of four meters.

People called the emergency services early in the morning. The rescue operation lasted several hours. It is reported that the bird was taken to a veterinary clinic, where pieces of wire were removed from its body and its wounds were treated. Now, while the bird needs care, one of the rescuers took it to his home.

After recovery, the owlet will be released into the wild.

The press service of the Zheleznovodsk mayor’s office circulated photographs of the results of the owlet’s rescue. In the photo, the bird is held in the hands of a rescuer named Nightingale.