Nicolas Cage married for the fifth time

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Hollywood actor Nicolas Cage married for the fifth time, writes the Daily Star on Saturday, March 6.

The choice of the 57-year-old actor was 26-year-old Japanese woman Riko Shibatu, the wedding ceremony was held in Las Vegas. At the same time, the marriage certificate is dated February 16.

It is noted that Cage’s new wife is four years younger than his eldest son. After marriage, she took her husband’s surname.

According to the actor, the couple did not see each other for about six months due to the fact that he left for Nevada, and Shibatu returned to Japan. After that, they decided to get engaged via FaceTime. Cage said that he gave the girl a ring with a black diamond, which she loves.

In June 2019, the court officially terminated Cage and make-up artist Erica Koike’s four-day marriage.

In the divorce papers, Cage indicated that both he and Koike were very drunk during the wedding ceremony, and he did not realize what he was doing. In addition, it turned out that his wife is in a relationship with another person.