NI: Russia will not repeat the “humiliation” of the Gorbachev era

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Russia will not allow a repetition of the “humiliating” scenario of the late Soviet Union under Mikhail Gorbachev, said Dmitry Simes, an American political scientist specializing in Russia and chief executive officer of the National Interest.

The expert assures that Moscow, with its desire to achieve the lifting or mitigation of sanctions against Russia, is still not ready to make serious concessions, hoping for a response from the West.

“This scenario is similar to what happened during the Gorbachev era. To insist that Moscow repeat what many Russians consider an unsuccessful and humiliating approach would be to confuse the desired with the reality, ”the author wrote.

The article says that anti-Russian sanctions should not isolate and denigrate the country, but “induce it to more flexible behavior.”

Simes said the future of US-Russian relations depends on Washington’s choice. If the States cannot agree to anything other than indisputable hegemony, then Russia will undoubtedly become a difficult obstacle for those who challenge it, the expert emphasized.