Newly designed Yocan Apex Mini Vaporizer

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Yocan is here to serve smokers with their impeccable quality smoke with the easy-to-handle smoke dabbing devices with multiple functions. So, the Yocan apex mini vaporizer is the one that is new in their collection. This is the modified version of the original apex vaporizer with the modified abilities and smoke flavors plus compartments. Thus, if you are bored of your previous apex vaporizer and its giant size then, thus the mini version is here for you.

More solid dimensions

Do you know that the compact, solid, small, and discreet dimension has a lot of benefits? If not, you must know that these types of devices need small battery life for the provision of the best concentrate with small energy consumption. Thus, what else than this, a smoker can wish from the device that they’re using for smoking. So, this vaporizer has multiple benefits like the elongated smoke shots without large voltage utilization. In this way, you can save several volts of electricity.

No chance of spilling concentrate

The Yocan apex mini vaporizer has coil caps that allow the smooth flow of concentrate. So, this mini dab pen is primarily for the provision of concentrated waxy smoke. Thus, this smoke vape device doesn’t let your concentrate waste. This device is best in allowing the most astonishing smoke shot with full flavors and without spilling a single drop of concentrate while dabbing. That’s why this mini vaporizer is more in demand as the coils cap also protects the quartz tip from getting dirt and contamination from all around.

Finely textured edges

Now you must be skeptical about the corner or edges, right? The role of sharp edges or corners with the smooth texture helps in detaching the smoke chambers from the device. Thus, this device has multiple tasking abilities making it stand exception among the crowd. So, this vaporizer has smooth texture edges or ends that make it hassle-free while dabbing. You can screw and unscrew the chambers easily without any trouble. The exceptional design is also very easy to clean and maintain for years.

Modified power and resolution

The Yocan apex mini vaporizer is the improved version of the original apex vaporizer. This is the most interesting feature and the exciting update about Yocan vaporizers. These vaporizers come with the modified power and resolution that help in extracting unique smoke flavors. So, the Yocan apex is an expert in providing high-quality distinctive smoke flavors on each voltage. Thus, if you want to have an adventurous smoke session then, this one will be perfect in all regards.

Two quartz heating tips with caps

The dual quartz tips will help in extracting the most amazing flavored smoke. Thus, these dual quartz tips have the most prestigious smoke shots. So, if you want to enjoy smoke along with effortless filling of concentrate on the chamber, the mini apex is ready for you. The coils come along cap for protection against high voltage, dirt, and various hazards. Don’t look for more because all you need is now available here in one.

How to load the Yocan apex with the best waxy concentrate?

So, this is not at all a tricky one to operate, this Yocan apex vaporizer is quite easy to handle. This smoke dabbing device has easy attaching and detaching systems because the interior and exterior of this mini device are smooth. Additionally, they facilitated their customers with special and easy-to-fit compartments. Now the real fun is going to start:

1-      First of all, switch on the dab pen with the fire button and let it settle for a few minutes

2-      Now is the time to set the fixed voltage from the variable voltage to dab the desired flavored vape

3-      You have to make sure that the concentrate you’re using is of good quality

4-      So, prepare the waxy dab or concentrate that has to be extracted from the vaporizer

5-      Now detach the quartz tip or coil from the Yocan smoke vaporizer

6-      Put the suitable amount of smoke concentrate on the coil to smoke

7-      Let the coil preheat for seconds

8-      It is time to screw the coils again with the vaporizer

9-      Dab a good quality smoke shot with huge clouds and enjoy the endless fun!

People often ask

What is the battery capacity of the Yocan apex vaporizer?

This Yocan vaporizer has a 380mAh battery with four variable voltages. These voltages will show up on the display screen while you set the preheat temperature. So, the battery capacity is enough to support long smoke late-night sessions with friends without getting down. Thus, enjoy the hassle-free smoke experience with the latest Yocan apex vaporizer.

Which coil is used in this vaporizer?

The dual quartz heating coils are used in this Yocan vape pen. The quartz coils are known best for providing the best smoke taste and texture without alteration. Thus, if you want to dab a good amount of smoke concentrate then, quartz coils will show their magic. That’s why; this smoke dab pen is more valuable than other dab pens.

Overall review

So, the Yocan apex mini vaporizer has the stamina to boost the smoke extract and make you feel special. There is no smoke dab pen other than this one that will support the multiple functions. Thus, the apex version with a discreet design allows portability with a high smoke provision rate.

No matter if you want to da THC or CBD; this device is ready to serve you with the delicious vape taste and sizzling aroma. Thus, don’t turn your head down with the poor quality devices in front of your friends and try this one. Additionally, it is inexpensive and can be afforded by all smokers.