New Zealand plans to completely phase out tobacco by 2025

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New Zealand intends to completely phase out tobacco products by 2025. The plan to combat smoking was announced by the government of the country, writes The Guardian.

As part of a gradual restriction on the sale of cigarettes, measures are being considered to reduce the level of nicotine in tobacco products, a ban on the installation of filters, a fixed price for products, and a restriction on the number of specialized stores.

It is also proposed to prohibit the sale of tobacco products to citizens who were born after 2004.

The government’s initiative was supported by health organizations.

“Tobacco is the most harmful consumer product in history, and we must completely abandon it,” said Lucy Elwood, executive director of the Cancer Society.

However, some have criticized the government’s initiatives, pointing out the possible consequences. In particular, the bankruptcy of small shops, as well as the expansion of the black market for tobacco.

In addition, a decrease in nicotine can lead to consumers buying more tobacco products and therefore spending more money. The scale of interference in the private life of citizens is also indicated.

About 4.5 thousand New Zealanders die each year from smoking-related diseases, according to government data. Smoking is responsible for one in four cancer deaths in New Zealand.

In January, a ban on the remote sale of hookahs and tobacco sticks came into force in Russia.