New York: Tiny $ 2,100-per-month apartment ignites the web

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A video supposedly showcasing the “worst apartment ever” in New York City – a tiny room rented for $ 1,650 (Cdn $ 2,109) – has ignited social network TikTok, where it has been viewed 21 million times.

With the bathroom and the toilets on the landing, the potential tenant will only be able to enjoy a small closet in the only room of this cramped apartment.

Contacted by AFP, the author of the video, a real estate agent, did not want to give either the address of the studio, which is located in the district of Greenwich Village, or the name of its owner.

Nevertheless: published on the New York City Realtor account and titled “Worst apartment ever in NYC !!! », The video collected 2.6 million likes and comments galore on TikTok.

“So, in plain language, you get a closet,” wrote Helen Blondel. “Harry Potter lived in better,” said Adam Granger.

The average rent in Manhattan was $ 3,790 last October, according to the Rent Cafe site, for an average area of ​​65 square meters, when the apartment in the video appears to be barely 10.

For Cameron Knowlton, the real estate agent who filmed the video, the apartment, which has been available since October, should nevertheless find a buyer quickly, even if the ad is only circulating among real estate agents and has not been published on any major site. real estate ads.

Greenwich Village “is one of the most desirable areas in the world, so there will be people to rent it,” he said.

Several other much more spacious studios, with bathrooms and at similar rents, are however offered in Greenwich Village on the major real estate sites.

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