New Footage Emerges of Police Pepper-Spraying of Distraught 9-Year-Old

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“I’m going to pepper-spray you, and I don’t want to,” one officer says. “So sit back.”

“Please don’t,” the girl says.

“This is your last chance, or pepper spray is going into your eyeballs,” an officer says.

A female officer tries to persuade the girl to get all the way into the car.

Soon, one officer, and then a second, can be heard saying, “Just spray her.” Seconds later, one of them does and then shuts the door as the girl screams, “My eye is bleeding.”

In the aftermath, the female officer sits in front of the car and tells the girl, “You did it to yourself.”

“It’s burning my eyes,” the girl says.

“That’s the point of pepper spray,” the officer says.

Donald Thompson, a lawyer for the girl’s family, said the new video was “far more disturbing” than the earlier footage.

“The lack of humanity is amazing,” he said.

The Democrat and Chronicle, a Rochester newspaper, estimated that it had taken an ambulance about 15 minutes to arrive after the girl was pepper-sprayed and that it was 23 minutes before one of the handcuffs she had been placed in was removed.

In the footage, after the ambulance arrives, one officer tries to comfort the girl.

“I know it doesn’t seem like it right now, but you’re not in trouble right now,” he says.

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