New Ebola death reported in Africa

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A new case of Ebola has been reported in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) province of North Kivu. On February 7, reports.

It is reported that on February 1 of this year, a woman whose husband had previously had Ebola developed typical symptoms of the disease. The patient died two days later in the city of Butembo.

A provincial response team is already working in the city, and specialists from the national team will be sent to help.

In June 2020, an outbreak of the Ebola virus ended in the DRC, which lasted almost two years. It was not reported whether the registration of a new case would result in an epidemic, the REN TV channel writes.

In early January 2021, it became known that a microbiologist from the DRC Jean-Jacques Muembe-Tamfum, who was the first to detect the Ebola virus 44 years ago, warned that a new deadly disease could appear in his country.

He said that one of the patients from the city of Ingende in western Congo had symptoms similar to the manifestations of hemorrhagic fever, but the tests did not show the woman had Ebola and traces of any other diseases known to medicine.

Muembe-Tamfum suggests that a woman may be patient zero for a new pathogen, which he calls “disease X”.

Rospotrebnadzor of the Russian Federation on January 3 announced that it monitors all reports of outbreaks of infectious diseases in the world, including information about the emergence of a new deadly “disease X” in the Congo.

The department added that now they do not have enough information to suggest the cause of the disease, but, judging by the reports, it “most likely has a viral nature.” They clarified that in Russia there were no cases with such symptoms.

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