New cases of COVID-19 detected in 10 districts of the Volgograd region

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The operational headquarters has published up-to-date information on the geography of the spread of a dangerous infection in the region.

According to official data, over the past day, doctors found a dangerous virus in 101 more residents Volgograd region. From complications associated with COVID-19 six people died… Most of the infected citizens were registered by doctors in Volgograd – 51. In Volzhsky, coronavirus infection tests were confirmed in 20 residents.

Also, doctors recorded several new cases of infection in 10 more districts of the region.

As of May 3, in the Volgograd region, another 91 residents recovered and went home. Patients were discharged from hospitals after receiving negative tests for COVID-19. Since the beginning of the pandemic, doctors in the region have put 54,647 people on their feet.