New cases of coronavirus infection revealed in 26 districts of Tver region

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As of February 17, in 26 districts of the Tver region, new cases of coronavirus were found. The distribution map was published by the regional government.

Most of the cases were found in Tver – 53 people, another 32 cases were detected in Rzhev. It is also known that 13 people fell ill in Kimry.

Also in the Kalininsky region 7 people fell ill, 6 cases were identified in the Zapadnodvinsky and Belsky regions. Another 5 cases were registered in the Konakovsky district.

Least of all cases in Oleninsky, Rzhevsky districts, Vyshnevolotsky urban district and Vesyegonsky municipal district, where 3 cases were detected. 2 cases were identified in Torzhok, Staritsky, Bezhetsky, Maksatikhinsky, Spirovsky, Zubtsovsky districts and Andreapol municipal district. In total, 1 case was found in the Likhoslavl, Kalyazinsky, Rameshky, Kimrsky, Sonkovsky and Molokovsky regions.

Recall that 158 ​​people fell ill in the Tver region per day.