Neuropsychologist named drinks that improve brain function

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Drinking ginseng as well as cocoa can help maintain performance and improve brain function. Neuropsychologist Irina Khvingiya told about this radio Sputnik.

So, according to her, the effect of ginseng is longer than that of caffeine. To maintain vigor, you can add two or three drops of this tincture to a glass of water. The specialist recommends insisting the ginseng root in boiling water on his own, you can also use alcohol tinctures that are sold in pharmacies.

Cocoa, as noted by Khvingiya, well improves blood circulation in the brain due to the flavonol it contains. Also in this drink there are substances that produce dopamine, which is responsible for a good mood. Drinks made from fruits and berries also have a positive effect on brain function.

Talking about standard ways to cheer up in the form of tea and coffee, the neuropsychologist noted that these drinks really help if you drink no more than two cups a day. On the other hand, large amounts of caffeine tend to slow down the brain, she said.

Meanwhile, experts at the Johns Hopkins School of Public Health learned about the unexpected benefits of natural coffee. It turned out that daily consumption of this drink can help to avoid cirrhosis and keep the liver in good condition.