Neurologist named ways to keep sleeping with a smartphone

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Neurologist-somnologist, head of the sleep service “Unison”, head of the section “Stress and Sleep” of the international society “Stress under Control” Elena Tsareva on February 21 in an interview with Sputnik radio talked about how to maintain a sleep schedule using a smartphone.

“The main effect of the phone is light and activating. Screen color is on a spectrum that suppresses melatonin, known as sleep hormone. Accordingly, we limit the use of the phone in the evening. The Night Shift mode, which is common in many devices, can be used to change the color of the screen to a warmer gamut, but it does not completely eliminate this light effect from the smartphone, its benefit is about 60%. But in the morning, you can use your smartphone to cheer up, ”she said.

So, it is better to put loud, rhythmic, funny melodies on the alarm clock for greater human activity. Slow tunes can be listened to before bed as they are soothing. Tsareva also recommended not to use the function of snoozing the alarm clock, because if a person falls asleep after the first signal, he may not hear the next one. In this regard, she advises, if possible, to immediately set the alarm at a later time.

A day earlier, the doctor-somnologist, the head of the sleep medicine department of the Sechenov University, Mikhail Poluektov, told how to recognize insomnia and overcome it. He noted that insomnia is “a feeling of poor quality or insufficient sleep.”