Nephrologist from St. Petersburg withdrew his confession in the murder of his wife

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Former chief nephrologist of St. Petersburg, Alexander Zemchenkov, arrested on suspicion of murdering his own wife, retracted his confession. The corresponding video was published on Wednesday, April 21, by the REN TV channel.

“I incriminated myself by admitting guilt in careless murder,” the doctor says on the video footage.

Zemchenkov was detained by law enforcement officers on March 31 in the case of the murder of his wife. It was reported that his wife, 50-year-old Irina Zemchenkova, left home for work in 2010, but never returned. The missing person was searched for 10 years.

On April 1, it became known that the doctor confessed to the murder of the woman. He said that he and his wife had a quarrel against the background of the fact that the woman learned about her husband’s betrayal and his plans to leave her for his colleague. The doctor admitted that he had killed his wife and taken her body to the forest of the Leningrad region – where exactly, the man does not remember.

On the same day, Zemchenkov was charged. As specified in the Investigative Committee for St. Petersburg, the doctor dismembered the body of his wife and threw it into the trash cans.

On April 2, the Oktyabrsky District Court in St. Petersburg arrested a murder accused until April 27.